With finals week just around the corner, trying to juggle commitment to extracurricular activities, maintaining a part-time job, and still 10 being able to devote as much time as needed to studying can become challenging and eventually even stressful. Sometimes, college students forget to take a breather and relax, resulting in things becoming more overwhelming.

Try these ten time to help you de-stress during finals week.

1) Exercise
Exercise helps to reduce stress hormones. A walk around the block or an intense cardio session could help your body release endorphins, which in turns makes you happier.
2) Treat Yourself
Sometimes it can be difficult to justify those random treats you give yourself, but taking the time to reward yourself is very crucial. Setting up a reward system helps you stay motivated to accomplish the task at hand. You can participate in a fun activity, or buy yourself a little treat, and you’ll realize how much better you feel.
3) Hang out with friends
True friends will be there for you when you need a listening ear or someone to boost your mood. Laughter is very therapeutic as It decreases your stress levels and releases hormones like endorphins, which boosts happiness.
4) Learn to say NO
Sometimes you accept too many invites and responsibilities, leaving you feeling suffocated with all the commitments you have made. It’s important to know when to draw the line and take a step back from accepting every opportunity offered to you. Know your limits and at the end, you won’t feel overwhelmed.
5) Do something spontaneous
Rather than going through your day doing the regular, take some time out to switch up your routine. Do something completed unexpected. Go on an impromptu trip to the mall, go ice skating, stop studying and randomly call a friend to take a study break and get coffee.
6) Keep a journal/blog
Keeping a journal or a blog forces you to recharge and make time to reflect
7) Take a walk
Taking a walk and getting some fresh air is a great way to de-stress. Walking briskly or jogging can calm you down, as sparking the nerves in the brain helps relax the senses, going for a walk clears your head, and makes it easier to get back into the grind.
8) Organize
Organizing your living space can help reduce clutter and keep you focused and less stressed. When your room is a mess, you feel like your life is kind of a mess too. It’s important to take some time off to put everything in position. It’s amazing how you feel when you come home from a long day to a clutter free room.
9) Meditate
Yoga might not be your thing, but making a conscious efforts to be aware of your breathing can go a long way. There are plenty of apps you can use on your phone to assist you. The apps; calm, insight timer, headspace and mind body connect.
10) Sleep
There’s nothing like a good night’s rest. Skipping sleep is not helpful as you might feel moody and perform poorly. Lack of sleep limits your ability to learn, listen and concentrate. Having to battle with sleep can be very exhausting especially when you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. Therefore make sleep a priority.