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May 01, 2017

Get Summer Ready in Your Apartment

Most people don’t want to spend their time in the sun sweating to get bathing suit ready, so here are some fast and easy workouts you can do right at home!

20 minute Workout:

# of Seconds Exercises

60s Jumping Jacks

30s Jump Squats

Apr 01, 2017

Welcome Back!

We hope our residents had an amazing spring break and created memories that will last a lifetime. Now to gear back into reality and to help our residents finish this semester off on a positive note, we have our computer lab and study area open along with our coffee bar to get you through finals...

Mar 01, 2017

Spring Break is Almost Here!

We know little something about spring break… and we’re counting down the days until we can ditch the stress of school, rock beachy waves and sip on strawberry daiquiris with our bums in the sand with our best collegiette friends.
But first, packing. This can be a daunting task, especially...